Consultation & Implementation

Transform your garden into a thriving haven with our edible landscaping services. Elevate your outdoor space with our expertly designed services that aim to establish a low-maintenance, food-producing paradise.  

Verbal Consultation

Doreen offers consultations to assess your outdoor space and provide personalized recommendations for creating a productive and sustainable edible landscape.

Digital Design

We create custom designs that integrate permaculture principles and your specific needs, ensuring a harmonious and regenerative outdoor space that produces healthy food.

Mentoring Program

Facilitated dialogue between you and your land spanning for up to three years. Identification of tangible elements and continual adjustment and development of your land design based on its feedback. Utilization of cutting-edge photographic mapping to monitor and track the progress of the project. Comprehensive, ongoing support and education throughout your permaculture design journey. 

Edible Landscaping & Garden Installation

The team provides edible landscaping garden installations that involve the implementation of gardens that seamlessly integrate both aesthetic appeal and productivity. These installations focus on incorporating edible plants, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, water harvesting earthworks, chicken runs and edible flowers, into the overall landscape design.


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Any of these problems sound familiar?

We can help!

Our edible landscaping and permaculture services help you create outdoor spaces that not only look beautiful but also produce an abundance of healthy and sustainable food, reducing your reliance on external sources.

  • Lack of time
  • Cost
  • Soil quality
  • Pest infestation
  • Disease outbreak
  • Space constraints
  • Plant selection
  • Neighbourhood restrictions
  • Watering issues
  • Extreme weather
  • Weeds out of control
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Seasonal changes
  • Chemical use concerns
  • Environmental concerns
  • Overwhelm

Nourished Landscapes

It all started with a ‘random’ Facebook post about a Syntropic Agroforestry workshop… what even is that I thought at the time!
It looked interesting, so I clicked on the link and kept clicking and when I worked out that this was 20 minutes from my house I knew I had to be in 🙂.
It was the most inspiring and informative workshop run by the amazing Doreen Jachmann. I was so pumped with the possibilities for our block, that I engaged Doreen for a consult. I was super keen to get it right, so this was definitely worth the investment.
8 or so weeks later we’ve done the consult, got a mud map, we have a plan AND have built the foundation for our food forest 😍 (this was our Summer Staycation). The ongoing advice and support that I have had along the way from Doreen has been invaluable and I am so grateful to have met.
Next project is IBC wicking beds, and then a bush tucker forest, and a worm farm, and a nursery area…..


Nourished Landscapes

After attending an awesome wicking bed workshop at Bloomfield’s we booked a permaculture consultation with Doreen on our small acreage.

Doreen’s knowledge & passion is second to none, she lights up sharing her passion for self-sufficiency & sustainability & that joy is contagious. Doreen took into account our vision, budget, timeframe and we loved the personalised, hands-on, practical guidance.
Water management, problem solving, maximising the resources we have on our property & we’re now well on our way to making our vision, reality.

There’s much to be learned from books & research but we got so much more out of our consultation. A small investment for such a wealth of knowledge.


Nourished Landscapes

Many thanks to Doreen Jachmann for her consultation and ongoing guidance.
6th October 23 we built our Food Forrest swales out the front of our property.
Planning and consultation thanks to Doreen Jackman
Only 5 months on and with the blessing of loads of rain and sunshine, our garden is seeing some amazing progress, crazy amazing!!
We have about 20-30 varieties of edible plants, including pumpkin, watermelon, Herbal Medicinal teas, fruits, and root plants. Very Proud of what we have achieved in such a short period of time.
Our system is working extremely well.


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