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Bloomfield's Homestead

is a 5-acre Land for Wildlife property in Jimboomba. The area, known to be in a “rain shadow”, receives a lot less average annual rainfall than the greater Brisbane region. We’re implementing a permaculture design whilst still working full-time jobs, with the aim to be off grid and more self-sufficient. Different regenerative planning and management techniques are applied.

There is an abundance of native trees and shrubs now compared to when we moved in, in March 2016. Different perennial growing systems, water harvesting earthworks, zero waste nursery/worm farm, a grey water garden, and wicking beds have been implemented. We also raise and harvest on-site our own ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and pigs, and utilise hot and cold smokers. On the property are several native and European honeybee hives.

We run different workshops on the topic of self-sufficiency, facilitate external workshops and provide food growing one on one coaching and property consultations.

Elements of Bloomfield's Homestead

From bare paddocks to sustainable, food producing, disaster prepared homestead. Here are some of the elements that have been implemented. There is always a project in the works to add to the resilience of this place.

Cold Smokehouse

To add delicious smoke flavor to cheese, eggs, spices and meat.


We set up our own nursery that catches the irrigation water and houses 6 bathtub wormfarms.

Permaculture Food Forest

Multi-level fruit tree forest.

Syntropic system

Fruit tree, fodder, banana and edible support plant.

No dig veggie garden

Low maintenance production of vegetables, that uses a soil building method.

Cabin amongst the food forest

A tiny house inspired timber cabin for our interns and visitors to stay.

Off grid kitchen

Right next to our events area where we hold our monthly workshops.

Hot smoker

Double barrel smoker.

Ethical animal husbandry

We keep ducks, geese, guinea fowl an sheep. And from time to time have pigs and boilers.

Off grid spa

Current on-going project, building a spa heated by a rocket mass heater.

Off grid hot shower

Heated by a rocket mass heater.

Rocket mass heater

A rocket mass heater is an efficient, low-cost heating system that burns small wood pieces in a combustion chamber. It transfers heat to a thermal mass, like cob or brick, which then slowly releases warmth into the living space. These heaters are known for their effectiveness, using less wood and producing minimal emissions.

Wicking bed kitchen garden

15 self watering raised garden beds have been installed. They are built out of IBC's.


Many hügelkultur beds have been built to grow perennial edible plants.

Rotational grazing paddocks

Half of our 5 acre property is passively managed by grazing animals. 

  • Nourished Landscapes

    “Doreen's workshops are brilliant. I have attended two workshops so far, and learned so much. They were also great fun. Highly recommended!”

    Workshop Attendee

  • Nourished Landscapes

    “Had such an amazing time attending workshops at Bloomfield’s today!!
    Doreen has a wealth of information to share and I very much look forward to returning. It’s great to see the practical application of the techniques being taught. Thank you so much 😊”

    Workshop Attendee

  • Nourished Landscapes

    “Doreen is a ball of inspirational energy and she is so generous with their knowledge and time. We attended a workshop in 2022 and had Doreen attend our property to consult - Wish we lived closer to just be able to absorb every bit of wisdom Bloomfield’s Homestead has to offer! Inspiring work.”

    Workshop Attendee



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