Aerated Compost Tea


Unleashing the Power of Actively Aerated Compost Tea: A Garden’s Liquid Gold

Gardening enthusiasts and sustainable agriculture advocates are increasingly turning to innovative and natural solutions to enhance soil health and plant growth. Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) has emerged as a powerful liquid soil booster for gardeners seeking to increase soil fertility, suppress diseases, and promote vigorous plant development. In this blog post, we will explore the wonders of AACT, its benefits, and how you can brew your own batch to elevate your gardening game.

What is Actively Aerated Compost Tea?

Actively Aerated Compost Tea is a soil conditioner, plant tonic and soil amendment that harnesses the beneficial microorganisms found in compost to create a potent brew for plants. Unlike traditional compost, AACT is a liquid solution that is actively aerated during the brewing process, ensuring a robust population of beneficial microbes that can work wonders for your garden.

The Benefits of Actively Aerated Compost Tea

  • Enhanced Soil Microbial Life: AACT is teeming with beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. These microbes play a crucial role in breaking down organic matter, releasing nutrients, and improving soil structure.
  • Nutrient-Rich Elixir: The brewing process of AACT extracts a wide range of nutrients from the compost, creating a liquid fertilizer that is easily absorbed by plants. This nutrient-rich concoction provides a balanced diet for your plants, promoting healthy growth and development.
  • Disease Suppression: The beneficial microbes in AACT act as a natural defense system for plants. They can suppress harmful pathogens and diseases, reducing the need for chemical interventions and promoting a more sustainable gardening approach.
  • Improved Plant Health: When applied as a foliar spray or soil drench, AACT can enhance the overall health of plants. It helps improve nutrient uptake, increase resistance to stress, and stimulate root development.

Brewing Your Own Actively Aerated Compost Tea

Now that we understand the benefits of AACT, let’s explore how you can brew your own batch at home:


Top quality worm castings

  1. High-quality compost or worm castings as shown in the photo above
  2. Unsulfured molasses (a food source for microbes)
  3. Aeration system (air pump and air-stones)
  4. Water
  5. Optional additives (kelp meal, fish hydrolysate, worm castings)

Brewing Process:

  • Fill a cloth bag with compost and suspend it in a container of water.
  • Add a small amount of unsulfured molasses to provide a food source for the microbes.
  • Set up an aeration system with an air pump and air-stones to keep the solution oxygenated during the brewing process.
  • Allow the tea to brew for 24-48 hours, ensuring consistent aeration.
  • Once the brewing is complete, strain out the solid compost particles, and your AACT is ready for use.

Application Tips:

  • Apply AACT as a soil drench or foliar spray.
  • Use the tea within 4-6 hours of brewing for optimal effectiveness.
  • Apply AACT during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid stressing plants.

Actively Aerated Compost Tea is a game-changer for gardeners looking to cultivate healthy, vibrant plants while ingratiating the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. By unlocking the power of beneficial microorganisms in compost, AACT promotes a more sustainable and regenerative approach to gardening. Start brewing your own batch of AACT and save money on buying in products such as fish emulsion and Seasol for example.

If you are not feeling quite confident in building your own brewer or want to see a brewer set up and how it is applied to the soil and plants, then consider taking a workshop facilitated by whole system design consultant Doreen Jachmann at Bloomfield’s Homestead. The next one is on the Sunday the 26th of May 2024.

Or book a consultation and get taught one on one at your site how to do it.


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