Poultry grain fermenter


Poultry grain fermenter/sprouter – buying grain in bulk and making up our own layer mix is the most economical way for us. It reduces the feed costs by 75%. Fermenting it for up to 3 days will further reduce your layer mix consumption and releases additional nutrients and microbes.

We use a simple 4 bucket stack system that ferments in a 3 day rotation. Holes are drilled into 3 buckets and the bottom bucket has no holes.

For fermenting water will stay in the buckets and for sprouting the grain mix will get rinsed off twice a day. The excess water will go to a plant next to the bucket sprouter/fermenter.

Our current high protein layer gourmet mix is:

1 part of lupins,

Chickpeas and

Sunflower to

4 parts of cracked corn, barley and


It does not need to be as gourmet. You can go lower on the legumes and sunflower.

The mix depends on what is available from the grain mill at the time.

Happy fermenting and sprouting to you.


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